About Illusionaut


While their groundbreaking debut record Snow Queen established the name of Illusionaut permanently on playlists around the globe in 2017, and their subsequent shows supporting the album over the two years to follow put them on stage in front of many music fans across the US nation – the road to success is anything but a clear path.  Just as they were crushing the scene with their hybrid cross between Space-Rock & Alt-Psych sound, the entire band came to a halt, and put on hiatus indefinitely in late 2019 as they split into different directions, rendering Illusionaut’s future uncertain. 

“It seems like the end, but it’s just the beginning…” 

If they were to come back at all, it would only be without compromise this time – making the music they wanted to make, exactly how they wanted to make it.  After many conversations in early 2020 between original members Ryan Cook (Vocals) and Logan Kennedy (Drums), they found themselves in complete agreement on how to revitalize Illusionaut and give their music the more mysterious look & sound they had always been striving for.  That meant other players to fully realize their sound – and it meant masks; unencumbered by the burdens of personal identity, they created an equal and egoless environment for them to forge an unbreakable bond & unified path to making new music together in Illusionaut, as one. 

Taking their time to find the exact ingredients they needed for the wildly divergent vibes of their band, Ryan & Logan were joined by Andy Honer (Guitar) in 2020.  As the rest of the world locked itself down, Illusionaut seized the opportunity, inspired to work harder than ever before on an entire lineup of songs that would go far beyond the wildest expectations any of their existing fans could possibly have had.  If they were to return, as they intended – their comeback would sound even more epic than they used to.  Enlisting the talents of Cody Granger (Bass) to add gripping low-end to the depth in their Alt/Progressive sound, Illusionaut didn’t just resurface in 2021 – they came back 100% stronger & playing with purpose. 

The proof was unleashed through The New Body Electric – over 40 minutes & 9 tracks that revealed the most dynamic, powerful, and hard-hitting record that Illusionaut has released to-date.  Sonically diverse and boldly adventurous – The New Body Electric became a genuine symbol for all they’d been through to be the band they proudly now are today, and illuminated the pathway forward for their future to follow.  More daring, more skilled, more experienced – more unified.

Ryan - Vocals

Andy - Guitar

Cody - Bass

Logan - Drums